MaxPerforma Optimizer
  • Name :MaxPerforma Optimizer
  • Category : Fake AV
  • Threat level :
  • Description :
    MaxPerforma Optimizer is a newly created rogue that has been detected frequently in lots of users’ computers.
  • Submitted by : Mark
  • Date :Jul 14, 2013 01:29:53 AM

MaxPerforma Optimizer

MaxPerforma Optimizer is a newly created rogue that has been detected frequently in lots of users’ computers. It is known to be similar with Windows Control Series or Windows Advanced Toolkit. All the three viruses come from the Rogue. FakeVimes family which is known as the Windows serial fake antivirus group. And its goal is always to collect money from innocent computer users by boasting to them that their computers have been severely infected by a bunch of viruses and spyware. In order to achieve that, creators have given it a trustworthy appearance so that people won’t doubt its authority in the beginning. But soon you will be in a miserable place.

How did you get this infection in the first place? It is believed that MaxPerforma Optimizer virus can be spread in a highly speed via social networks. It can be infected through the created system vulnerabilities in your computer. When it’s successfully sneaked into your computer, it will start the infection by changing several default settings so that it can steadily stay in your computer and won’t be removed by antivirus software. You may think you have managed to delete it in Control Panel. But it will show up again once you do a reboot. As soon as the reboot is done, it will pop up and run a scan automatically through your computer. You will notice that there are many critical troubles existing in your computer by the scanning results. Then a lot of security alerts will pop up constantly to draw your attention and stress the point that your computer has been badly infected and you have to make a quick decision. Since the detected results are actually fake ones, you will be failed to remove them anyhow. Then MaxPerforma Optimizer strongly suggests you to sign up for its full version as it can help you out of this mess. During the process you will be asked to pay a certain amount of money to get the full version. Be careful! Even if you do make the payment, it cannot provide you anything. Not only will you be losing an amount of money, but also will be giving out valuable information to this virus.

Therefore, it is better to get rid of this nasty virus as soon as possible.

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